Boston University

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jennifer received her Doctor of Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Health Studies degrees from Boston University in 2011. She played basketball, soccer, and track throughout her high school career at Thayer Academy in Braintree, Massachusetts. Jennifer was recruited to the Boston University Rowing Team in 2005. Unfortunately, she sustained an injury which took her out of the NCAA and forced her focus more on her studies. Jennifer participated in physical therapy treatment herself while continuing her studies at BU. This circumstance allowed her to discover her passion for working with athletes.

Jennifer worked as a staff physical therapist at Boston Sports Medicine for 3 years before opening her own branch of the practice right outside Fenway Park in 2014. She successfully directed and grew Boston Sports Medicine Fenway over 3 years before moving to Erie, PA. She moved to Erie, PA in July 2017 with her husband Dr. Francis Doyle, Jr. Francis is an Orthopaedic Surgery resident at UPMC Hamot.


Jennifer specializes in manual therapy including soft tissue massage, Graston technique, cupping, joint mobilization, Kinesio taping, and manual stretching. Her mission as a physical therapist is to provide each and every one of her patients with the highest quality of care.  After many years of practice in outpatient orthopaedics, Jennifer has become aware and frustrated by the limitations that health insurance companies place on their members and providers. As a result, she has started her own practice focusing on One-on-One care for her patients.

Jennifer has been recognized for her specialty in post-pregnancy rehabilitation. She has developed a protocol for the conservative physical therapy treatment of Diastasis Recti. This condition is the separation of the abdomen that occurs most commonly during or after pregnancy. This conditions inhibits the post-pregnant woman from returning to exercise and commonly causes low back pain as well as other cosmetic concerns. Check out Jennifer's blog page

Jennifer has established close relationships with Orthopaedic surgeons in Boston, MA and Erie, PA. She has spoken as a leader and faculty member at many conferences including the Boston Children's Hospital Female Athlete Conference, Boston University Health Science symposiums, and Boston Arts Academy.  She has also been featured on WCVB's Chronicle.

She has spent many years working with athletes of all ages, including the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, Boston Ballet, Boston Marathon runners, Nike runners and members of the military. Jennifer enjoys working not only with career athletes, but also with injuries and ages of all kinds. She strives to provide each patient with individualized One-on-One care.