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Jennifer possess a true passion for coaching and supporting female athletes. She participated in soccer, basketball, track and lacrosse at Thayer Academy. She then went on to become a member of the Women's Rowing team at Boston University. Jennifer has been named a leader and captain of multiple teams that she represented. She continues this passion for sports and encouraging females to pursue their goals and dreams. Jennifer has worked closely with the medical doctors of Boston Children's Hospital as well as the medical staff of the Boston Ballet.

Jennifer was given the opportunity to speak at the Female Athlete Conference at Boston Children's Hospital in 2017. She delivered a presentation on Diastasis Recti and how it affects the female athlete. Diastasis Recti is a common condition that women suffer during or after pregnancy when a separation of the abdominal muscles occur. Please visit Jennifer's blog page to obtain more information on this topic. https://diastasisrecti.weebly.com/

Jennifer has volunteered for the Movemeant Foundation and supports their mission. This foundation empowers women to feel confident about their bodies by using fitness and physical movement as a way to build self-worth and positive body image. Jennifer hopes to bring this concept to the females of Erie, PA.

Jennifer enjoys coaching and teaching young athletes. She has taught anatomy and kinesiology classes at Boston Arts Academy. She has coached soccer, basketball, track, football, tennis, gymnastics and dance. She has mentored and tutored countless students of all ages. She is always looking to give back to the community as she believes it is the students who are the future of our success.