Belly Binder Post Pregnancy

The most common question that I am asked is whether or not a belly binder or back brace can be helpful after pregnancy. There is no simple answer to this question because every woman is different.

I have a treated a lot of women who come in wearing lumbar support braces after pregnancy. Unless the woman is experiencing severe low back or has history of spinal injury, the brace can be detrimental to rehabilitation in this case as well. When the woman is wearing the brace she is unable to activate and strengthen the muscles in her abdomen and lumbar region. If she has been diagnosed with diastasis recti then she needs to learn to strengthen the muscles around her core in order to approximate the separation.

When a brace is utilized it eliminates muscular activity and function around the spine. Over time these muscles become atrophied and weak. If a brace is worn for too long the muscles will atrophy to the point in which they are no longer strong enough to support the spine. In this case, the person then becomes susceptible further spinal injury due to the lack support surrounding the spinal cord. This makes the rehabilitation process significantly longer and more painful for the patient.

It is important to seek examination and education from your OBGYN or a physical therapist when deciding whether or not brace.


Jennifer Doyle