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Dr. christopher ilacqua, md physical medicine

I have known Jenny since she began her career as a physical therapist.  Her constant dedication to her patients knows no bounds.  She practices in a thorough and evidence-based manner and utilizes a wide variety of modalities from traditional exercise training to Graston and other manual therapy techniques.  She is incredibly invested in her patients’ recovery as well as their understanding of their injury or disease.  She goes above and beyond to coordinate between her patients’ and their surgeons, including consistent communication and clarification on treatment and even personally attending follow-up appointments to discuss her patients’ progression and challenges, as well as to help serve as a liaison and educator for her patients.  She is, quite simply, the best.


veronica mitko, marathon runner

I have been a runner my entire life but I also suffer from severe overpronation of my feet and ankles. I actually came to see Dr. Doyle after a severe ankle sprain and she not only rehabilitated my ankle, but was the first person to truly listen to all the other problems I had been struggling with for years – and connect it all to my overpronation! The overpronation was causing issues in the stabilization and alignment of my ankles, knees, hips and back, and was also giving me chronic tendonitis and numbness in my big toe. She recommended that I get orthotics…Well, I actually was already wearing orthotics but they were getting a bit old so I decided to re-invest in a new pair. I have never had orthotics made with such meticulousness and care. So many different measurements were taken and she explained why each was important as she cast my feet. I have never felt better walking, running, and living since I have received my orthotics! They have solved all of the issues I was experiencing! Dr. Doyle is a lifesaver…. She is a wealth of knowledge and graciously explains things in a way that makes so much sense!


katie choury, crossfit athlete

After 1 knee surgery and countless bouts of physical therapy, I can honestly say that working with Jenny was by far the most effective and empowering experience I have had. Her knowledge and support is unparalleled. I had long ago given up hope of returning to running, and with her help through my recovery I was able to sign up for my first race in years. Jenny is incredible, and I would whole heartedly recommend her to any of my friends.

Jenny will make you work hard, which is good thing. She will help to achieve your goals and MORE! 


alexandra brillaud, nike running coach

I came to see Jenny a few weeks before running my first marathon barely able to walk and devastated about it. She was extremely attentive, taking my history into consideration, and presented me with an informed plan of action. She spent a whole hour with me, most of which was using different massage techniques including Graston and cupping. After a few weeks of physical therapy I was able to run the entire marathon with minimal discomfort. It was one of the best memories of my life! I am so glad I sought out help from Jenny and I had the best experience ever in health care.

I have invited Jenny to attend our Nike running practices where she has given on the spot care to our athletes. Our athletes now regularly seek Jenny's physical therapy services.



Dr. Divy soni, dmd

As a practicing dentist I have many patients who experience TMD or temporomandibular disorder. Most often the cause of the disorder is muscle related and may require specific therapy to treat. I have referred many patients to Dr. Doyle for physical therapy. Her use of soft tissue mobilization directed at the muscles of mastication as well as joint mobilization has helped many of my patients. Dr. Doyle’s attention to detail and persistent commitment to each and every patient is hard to find! My patients return amazed that they have achieved rapid progress with an issue that has plagued them for years.