Rise Up helps active adults & athletes in Erie, PA get back into the sports and activities they love without painkillers, injections, or multiple trips to different doctor offices.




Is Physical Therapy Right For You?

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No Limit

At Rise Up you have a choice to utilize your health insurance or participate in our cash-based physical therapy practice. We are not limited by the rules and regulations placed on physical therapy practices by most health insurance plans.

Flat Rate

Rise Up Physical Therapy offers a flat rate for physical therapy services as well as orthotic evaluation and fitting. You will have the option to utilize your in or out-of-network benefits depending on your health insurance plan. 

Your Goals

The advantage of being cash-based is that we enter into a contract with YOU to provide physical therapy services in a manner that we have determined will help YOU reach YOUR goals most efficiently.

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We Specialize In Massage Therapy & Beyond

* One-on-One Treatment Sessions

* Graston Technique

*Running Analysis & Training

*Custom Orthotics

* Return to Sport for Athletes

* Post-pregnancy Rehabilitation




We provide another level of physical therapy. Our treatment sessions consist of 80% manual therapy and aim to get you better 50% faster than other PTs in Erie.
— Jennifer Doyle, Owner