The following are some frequently asked questions:

Does Rise Up Physical Therapy accept health insurance?

Yes and no. The best part of our physical therapy clinic is that our focus is on a cash based model. We do contract in network with certain health insurance companies (see below). Don't worry, we are happy to help you figure out best plan for you! The good news is that you have more options with us than any other physical therapy clinic in Erie!

Which insurance companies are we in network with??

Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Health Care

Motor Vehicle Accident 

Worker's Compensation

How do I know if my insurance will cover my visits at Rise Up Physical Therapy?

Please feel free to contact us at Rise Up and provide us with your insurance card prior to your first appointment. As a courtesy to our clients we are happy to inquire about your out of network benefits. We will provide you with an option the option that fits you best.

Why would i choose to pay out of pocket or cash rate when I can use my insurance at another physical therapy clinic?

The answer to this question is very exciting. Rise Up Physical Therapy is brand new in Erie, PA and comes from Boston, MA. Erie has never experienced the type of physical therapy that we are offering. We provide ONLY one-on-one treatment session performed ONLY by a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 60 minutes. Your treatment sessions will mostly consist of hands on manual therapy with specialized treatment techniques that is not offered anywhere else in Erie, PA. These treatments include Graston technique, cupping, specialized joint mobilizations, and the fabrication of custom orthotics. Most physical therapy clinics in Erie are overbooked so that the therapists are seeing 4-5 patients per hour. You will spend most of your session working with a rehab aide teaching you how to perform the same cookie-cutter exercises the provide minimal results. At these clinics they try to get you to sign up for 3 visits per week for 8-10 weeks. At this rate you will spend an average of $1200. At Rise Up Physical Therapy we will recommend 1-2 visits per week for 4-6 weeks, at an average of $500. Come experience what physical therapy is really like with individualized, genuine one-on-one care by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. See the Blog below for further information.

Does Rise Up Physical Therapy accept worker's compensation or motor vehicle insurance?

Yes we do! We even take care of all the paperwork and headache for you!

How long is your waiting list?

The wait for a new appointment is rarely more than 1 business day for times that are convenient to you. If you are are flexible with your schedule, we can often get you in for your first appointment on the same or next day.

What should I wear to physical therapy?

Typically, patients wear loose fitting clothing. We will have to get at the body part we are treating. Shorts work well for lower extremity injuries. A tank top works well for upper extremity injuries. .

How long are the appointments?

Appointments are ~60 minutes, but can be longer or shorter depending on your individual treatment. Your therapist will let you know how much time your appointments will require.

What should I bring to my first session?

We will need your insurance card, any paperwork from your doctor, and your payment. If you have your x-ray, CT, or MRI images, please bring those.

What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments should be scheduled, changed or canceled at least 24 hours in advance. THERE IS A $10.00 CHARGE FOR MISSED APPOINTMENTS WITHOUT GIVING 24-HOUR NOTICE AND A $15 CHARGE FOR NO-SHOWS. This charge is the patient’s responsibility and cannot be billed to the insurance company. The prescribed treatment plan must be followed to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. If more than three appointments are missed without notification, care may be discontinued.

Why Should I Choose to Pay a Cash Rate?

The most common question I get is, "why should I pay a cash rate for physical therapy?" "Why would I come to you and pay cash when I can use my health insurance at another facility?"


First of all, depending on the your health insurance benefit plan, a cash based physical therapy clinic will most likely end up saving you A LOT of money. I understand that you pay for your health insurance and for that reason you want to use it. BUT, what you do not realize is that most plans have a large deductible, and YOU have to pay that amount out of your own pocket until you reach that deductible. The average plan has a deductible of $1700. This means that you attend physical therapy you will need to pay out of pocket, an average of $80 per session, until you reach $1700 spent. Many physical therapy facilities will not explain this to 3 months down the road you will receive a bill for $1700. Once you reach your deductible, MANY of YOU still have a co-insurance. This means that the insurance company will cover, on average 80%, of your health care costs and you are still left to pay the the other 20%. 

At Rise Up Physical Therapy we offer a cash rate option for EXCEPTIONAL care from an expert who is going to help you reach your goals. You are also the ONLY patient working with the physical therapist during your sessions. You heard that right; your session will be 1 hour of one-on-one care by a licensed physical therapist, AND will consist mainly of soft tissue mobilization techniques. Seems like a no brainer right?

"Why don’t you accept most health insurance plans?" Simply put, I do not want to spend time on the phone arguing with insurance companies about reimbursement when I could be spending that time helping you. Due to lowered reimbursement rates from insurance, physical therapy facilities are now pushing to see more patients in one hour. Due to this problem the quality of care in physical therapy is taking a nose dive. So for me, I get to take my time with my patients and not feel stressed to get to the next person in line. Under the cash based model I like my job better and my patients get better faster.

"Why do you offer more time with a licensed physical therapist? How can you offer one-on-one services? How do you have more time for manual therapy?" Simply put, I LOVE my job. I love helping people learn about their bodies and imbalances. I love to help them heal from injuries and return to the activities that they love.  I am not worried about trying to see 4 patients per hour. I enjoy working one-on-one with my clients and making a change EVERY single visit.

Come check out Rise Up Physical Therapy, even if it is just for 1 visit! I promise you will not be disappointed!